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Better Bottom Line

Have you ever wondered if you could be more profitable?

With our better bottom line services, we review your financials, listen to how you operate, ask a lot of questions and then we evaluate your current business results and make recommendations for improvement.

Our Process

We evaluate your business and explain your financial statements in easy to understand plain English.

After we thoroughly understand your current position, we work with you to set realistic, obtainable goals. We will determine easy to manage goals to monitor your success without getting into all the details of the financial statements. These goals can then be shared with all employees.

For example, an engineering firm asks for our help. The firm is always busy, the firm has customers and jobs but never seems to have any cash at the end of the day. The owner is tired of robbing Peter to pay Paul and wants to turn the business around or close it down. The Company has three engineers on salary and one hourly office person. Everyone seems busy, but they never seem to get anything out the door on time. We meet with the owners, and we discover that there is no recording of the time spent on each project.

Solution Presented to the Company

Have all engineers track their time by project. Review the project with the engineer before works starts, and give the engineer the hours estimated for the job. The engineer and the Supervisor do not need to know the price of the job, the labor rate, and/or other costs in the job. He is only responsible for hours. Hours are easy for the Supervisor to explain, easy for the engineer to understand and easy for both to monitor.

The business owner will know he is profitable when the job comes in at or under the estimated hours. And possibly unprofitable if the job labor is over the estimated hours. The owner monitors the hours to tell him his financial results. The financial statements confirm what he already knows.

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